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Sweet Potato Fries

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

This is another Tara favorite.

it's an easy recipe so maybe we'll make a silly fun video.

Our Sweet potato fries look nothing like this picture, I'm not even sure this stock photo is sweet potato fries, it looks like bacon to me.

Do you think I should replace the picture above with a picture of fires we made or should I post a video of us making them? Whether you prefer a trendy new picture or an entertaining video is important to us. Let us know.

We’ll be posting loads of engaging content, this is just me typing to fill in just about enough space to have another little sentence under the larger bold paragraph to create balance.

Were still putting together Relevant Content, it should be interesting.

This is another one of those longer paragraphs that gives the reader substance, unfortunately there is only so much you can say about sweet potato fires. You wash them, cut them however you'd like, fry them up in some moderately healthy oil, maybe sunflower, strain them on a plate with a napkin on it, throw some salt on them and that it. they are healthier than potatoes and they taste better.

Also sweet potatoes like all potatoes grow in the ground, so clean them first and wash your hand too. This sentence should be a little bit longer so I'm typing this just to once again fill space.

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