Nutritional counseling

What we put in is truly what we get out of life. With a focus of creating easy "meal preps" and recipes for every stage of your nutritional journey, we'll work together to eat for healing, for balance, and for a well nourished body.

Movement & Breath Work

To achieve a relaxed alertness through focused movement and mindful breath work is to connect with our inner energy and vitality. A body in motion stays in motion and a body of at rest stays at rest. We apply this law to how we practice using and articulating  our bodies everyday for a more wholesome life.

Internal Dialog & Meditation

Most of our thoughts are automatic reactions based on experiences of the past. These are outdated records of what you had thought yourselves and the world to be. With awareness of our “internal dialog,” how we narrate our lives, and meditation, we can make the mind our advocate of carving the future we want for ourselves and the world around us.

Sustainable Living Solutions

Through conscious choices, we can chose to be more connected to the resources we use by choosing a sustainable lifestyle. From the food we eat to the energy we consume, we can contribute to a green and self sufficient household, community and world. We provide information and resources to make sustainability an achievable goal for everyone.


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